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New Gift Annuity Survey Highlights Best Practices, Sheds Light on Rapidly Growing Programs

2017SurveyGraphicACGA released data from its latest survey, the 2017 Survey of Charitable Gift Annuities, at its April conference.  The report analyzed the responses of 409 charitable organizations to questions about gifts, annuitants, administration and other topics.  ACGA conducted the last gift annuity survey in 2013.  

Here are a few highlights on charitable gift annuity policies, practices and trends from the 2017 survey:

  • The average age of annuitants at the time of their gifts remained at 79 years.
  • The number of female annuitants (54%) remained larger than the number of male annuitants (46%).
  • The share of deferred annuity contracts and flexible deferred payment annuities continued to increase.
  • Fewer charities needed to transfer money to gift annuity reserve accounts to meet state minimum requirements.
  • 97% of charities follow suggested ACGA annuity rates.

The report included a new analysis conducted by Dr. Russell James, who participated as a member of the ACGA Research Committee and performed the data analysis for this survey.  The new analysis looked at rapidly growing gift annuity programs and highlighted the following factors:

  • Rapidly growing programs shifted from smaller cash gifts to larger property gifts.
  • Rapidly growing programs closed annuities at a higher average gift amount ($161,000) than the overall average ($64,592).
  • Rapidly growing programs increased emphasis on marketing gift annuities.

The electronic version of the survey is available as a free download for members.  If you are not already a member of ACGA, we encourage you to join and learn more about the strategies for successful programs as detailed in this and other ACGA publications.