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A Word from the Chair March 2018

Valentine L32 Exhibit Booths / 27 Breakout Sessions / 8 Networking Opportunities / 5 General Sessions / 3 Educational Tracks / 2.5 Days of Education / 1 Great City

The above are the quick facts and figures about the ACGA’s 33rd Conference on Charitable Gift Planning to be held in Seattle, Washington April 25-27, 2018.  The details are that, as it has been doing since 1927, the ACGA has put together two and half days of quality education covering the entire spectrum of charitable gift planning for experienced gift planners, those new to the field, and the non-profit business officers who support gift planning programs.

The breakout sessions will be presented by highly-rated national speakers and the conference symposia will cover the latest issues from Capitol Hill and how to manage risk in a gift annuity program.  The keynote presentation will show how organizational “big ideas” can spur philanthropy and how gift planning can make a difference today in an organization’s mission.  And, Robert Sharpe, Jr. will share his thoughts on the future of charitable gift planning at our closing breakfast.

For more information and to register for the conference, click here.

What Keeps You Up at Night?  ACGA asked questions centered around that “theme” in an online survey to non-profit business officers in early January.  The survey results revealed some of the areas of biggest concern include managing risk in the gift annuity pool, tax reporting (timeliness and accuracy), and compliance with state regulation.  The Frank Minton Leadership Initiative, an umbrella under which the ACGA is organizing written resources, presentations, and information vital to those who make business decisions regarding gift planning programs, has asked Frank Minton to speak to those concerns in a one-hour webinar in mid-March.  Don’t miss this opportunity to get valuable insights and guidance on these issues from one of the country’s premier charitable gift planning experts. 

Suggested CGA Program Governance Best Practices.  One of the key areas of the ACGA’s work is monitoring state regulation of charitable gift annuities and bridging the gap between regulatory agencies and charities.  The ACGA’s State Regulations Committee keeps its ear to the ground monitoring proposed changes in state gift annuity regulation legislation around the country and non-legislative actions taken by state regulators that might negatively impact charities registered to issue gift annuities in the state.  As a result of communications between members of the ACGA State Regulations Committee and one such state regulatory body over the past few months, the committee has set itself the task of developing a set of suggested charitable gift annuity program governance best practices to assist charities grappling with decisions regarding the appropriate framework to establish or move toward. The focus will be on the what, when, and how decisions impacting the administration of an organization’s cga program and investment of its cga reserves, and how those decisions are communicated to the organization’s governing body.  The goal of this effort is to help charities understand how governance oversight may be viewed by regulators and provide suggested policies and procedures with specific parameters for their consideration.  We hope to have this new resource available in late May.