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A Word from the Chair - February 2017


Since April 2008 it has been my honor and privilege to serve the ACGA as the Board Chair.   To say it has been an exciting and challenging ride would be a serious understatement.  First came the awareness that the Board chair was also the President and CEO of the Corporation.  The fall of 2008 brought a major economic restructuring involving the real estate, banking and insurance industries around the world.

Many organizations went through the process of reevaluating their desire to have a charitable gift annuity program and the ACGA found itself in the midst of communicating risk/reward and giving interpretation to the real liability of operating and shutting down and existing gift annuity program.

During 2009 and 2010 we went through the transition of our administrative management to The Association Group in Smyrna, GA.  Like any transition, the practical implementation took a little longer than anticipated and also told us things about ourselves that we never knew before.  This transition gave us the basis for greater interactions with our sponsors and a recommitment to our core mission.  Our interactions with state regulators increased as consumer protection became a major concern in a volatile business environment.

Our rates work was also been somewhat of a roller coaster between 2008 and 2012 only to settle in to a flat economy for the last four years.  For the first time in five years the economy is showing enough movement to generate serious rates consideration by the committee.  The factors that go into the rates consideration are reviewed on a weekly basis and this is the first time in five years that any significant movement has taken place.

Meaningful ACGA Conferences in New, Orleans, San Francisco, Baltimore and St. Louis pushed the creative edge of planned giving forward and endeavored to provide charities with the new ideas and concepts to expand their giving programs and individual missions.

Just one more thing to do.  Allow me introduce Laurie Valentine to those of you who may not have met her yet.  Serving on the ACGA Board since 2001, Laurie quickly became a trusted voice of reason and professional expertise.  In April 2015 Laurie was elected as the Supporting Co-Chair of the Board and in April 2017 she will assume the primary leadership role of the ACGA as the Lead Co-Chair.  We, on the ACGA Board, are thrilled by her acceptance of this leadership role and look forward to great things ahead for the ACGA and the charitable community.

Thank you and let’s continue promoting Responsible Philanthropy!

Lindsay L. Lapole
ACGA Lead Co-Chair