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Frank Minton Leadership Initiatives Update

At the April 2016 Conference in St. Louis, the ACGA announced the launch of a new virtual academy with a goal of providing content specifically for business officers about important topics in gift planning that intersect with their areas of responsibility. In honor of Frank Minton’s decades of thought leadership in the gift planning industry, ACGA has named this new effort the Frank D. Minton Leadership Initiatives.

Since its early years, the ACGA has offered a curriculum at its conferences dedicated to information that will improve partnerships between gift planners and business officers, providing practical knowledge on how organizations can maximize their gift planning efforts while managing the risks associated with these programs. From topics such as “Managing the Risk of a Gift Annuity Program” to “Investing CRTs for Remainder Value,” the ACGA is a proven source for solid information to help charities run healthy gift planning programs.

As the ACGA builds out and communicates its planned offerings from the Minton Leadership Academy, we hope that you will avail yourself of the information, share it with your business office, and share your feedback and questions with us. We look forward to hearing from you, and to presenting sessions from the Frank D. Minton Leadership Initiatives at our April 2018 conference in Seattle.

Cam Kelly
ACGA Frank D. Minton Leadership Initiatives Chair