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State Agents Needed

StateAgentThe ACGA State Regulations Committee benefits the charitable gift planning community in two important ways.  First, we keep the charitable community informed on state regulatory and legislative developments affecting charitable gift annuities.  Second, we provide input to regulators and legislative bodies on proposed changes in regulations or statutes, often at the request of the regulatory agency or legislative staff.

The State Regulations Committee gets its information on important developments from several sources, but our most important source is you.  There is simply no better source for developments concerning state regulation of gift annuities than someone who is working in a gift annuity program in that state.  You can also help us improve things in your state that could work better than they currently do.  ACGA has developed its credibility and good will with state regulators and legislative staffs by advocating responsible philanthropy and consumer protection for donors and annuitants. You can be an important part of the process by becoming an ACGA state agent.

By signing up here, you will become our “go-to” person in your state.  If you have already signed up in the past as a state agent, please do so again to insure we have current contact information. All we ask from you are two things.  First, when you become aware of pending legislative or regulatory changes affecting charitable gift annuities, let us know so that we can have the opportunity to provide our input.  Second, if you are aware of some statutory requirement or regulatory process affecting gift annuities in your state which could work better than it currently does, we’d like to know about that, too.  As a state agent, you will periodically receive updates on the activities of the ACGA State Regulations Committee in other states!

We would also like for you to know about our new state regulations email hotline.  Any news regarding developments in your state, or tidbits you have run across from other states, can be sent to us directly at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.