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As a trusted source for responsible philanthropy, the American Council on Gift Annuities delivers information that matters to you, your donors, and the organizations you represent. Today more than ever the charitable community relies on resources that are consistent, educational, timely and relevant.

Valued Members
For those who are already valued members, thank you for your past support.  During this season of renewal we are reaching out to all former sponsors of ACGA to inform you that the we have listened to you and voted to change this term from sponsor to “member.” 

Our goal is to eliminate confusion and engage organizations to embrace the full meaning of being an active member utilizing the many benefits and resources we offer and support the ACGA in its mission.  We invite you to renew your organization’s membership before it expires on June 30th as a statement of your support and help us as we continue to offer exceptional member benefits and resources to the charitable community.

Not Yet a Member?
Today we invite those who may not already be a “member” to take a moment to consider joining the American Council on Gift Annuities. Your membership in the ACGA assures that the work of  its volunteer board will continue as it has for the past 89 years. Together we will continue to:

  • Promulgate actuarially sound suggested Charitable Gift Annuity rates:  ACGA's suggested gift annuity rates are the industry standard. This fact adds credibility to your donor relationships and your organization's gift annuity program.  Without the ACGA's suggested gift annuity rates you would lose this built in credibility and third party validation with administrators, donors, families, professional advisors and prospects.
  • Provide quality-training opportunities:  ACGA has consistently, throughout the years, brought together the top experts in the field of charitable giving to offer training and mentoring to our members and those who wished to attend the premiere planned giving conference in the world. Your evaluations of our recent conference in St. Louis received high marks consistent with previous conferences. Our next biennial conference will be in Seattle, Washington at the Seattle Sheraton Hotel April 25-27, 2018.  Our members receive special discounted conference registration in recognition of their ongoing support of the work of the Council.
  • Advocate for appropriate consumer protection:  The State Regulations Committee continues to monitor and respond to issues that arise in various states across the country.  One of the most significant sources of strength as we visit with state regulators and legislators is the sponsorship base in any particular state.  Not long ago as we were visiting with a state legislator, the only information he asked for was the list of members in his state.  Membership of the American Council on Gift Annuities gives every organization that issues Charitable Gift Annuities an opportunity to have impact on the regulatory process in their state.  Simply adding your organization's name to the names of other organizations increases significantly the impact that ACGA has when we go to visit, as we do on a regular basis, with these individuals related to consumer protection.

ACGA is committed to creating value in what you do for your donors and prospects, providing confidence to your leaders that your program is sound and operating in a manner consistent with the industry standard.

We look forward to having your organization as a member!
Please take a moment to go to our website at to login and renew your membership today.