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A Word From the “Lead Co-Chair”!

Throughout this newsletter you will read of the new and exciting things taking place through ACGA. 

The 32nd Conference, held in St. Louis in April, reached new heights in quality and professionalism.  From a fabulous keynote by Eddie Thompson, to our closing luncheon with Dr. Russell James, the attendees were treated to the highest in quality presentations and positive inspirational motivation.  Look for Conference Chair, Cam Kelly’s comprehensive report on the conference elsewhere in this newsletter.

Now it is on to the Emerald City of Seattle in 2018 under the able leadership of Joe Bull, Executive Director or Gift Planning, Carnegie Mellon University, as Conference Chair.

ACGA governance is also in transition.  After a history of being led by the Board Chair who also served as the corporate President and Chief Executive Officer, the time has come to split those responsibilities to enable “volunteers” to continue to serve in these key positions.  In November 2015, the Chair position was divided between a “Lead Co-Chair” and a “Supporting Co-Chair”.  The “Lead Co-Chair” will serve as President while the Supporting Co-Chair will serve as the CEO.  Both positions will share responsibilities for Board committee leadership.

We were excited to introduce Laurie Valentine as the first “Supporting Co-Chair”.  Next April Laurie will become the Lead Co-Chair and become the first woman to give executive leadership to ACGA.  Laurie is the General Counsel and Chief Operating Officer of the Kentucky Baptist Foundation.  We look forward to her continued leadership of ACGA in this new position.

We also announced the establishment of the Frank D. Minton Executive Leadership Academy.  The Academy will target specialized training to development, financial and business officers responsible for the oversight and management of the planned giving programs within our member organizations.  Through a focus conference track, white paper and webinar presentations, we will endeavor to provide executive level tools that will provide a factual basis for the decision making processes in which they are often involved.  We are excited to recognize Frank Minton for his years of service to Gift Annuity programs across the USA and Canada through the Academy.  And we are thrilled that Cam Kelly has accepted the role as the first Dean of the Academy.

Much more is going on and I encourage you to read through the newsletter carefully for those exciting details.  And watch your email for up-to-date information on the LEGACY IRA (HB 5171) EXTENDING ROLLOVER FUNDING TO LIFE INCOME AGREEMENTS.   Additional information can be found on the Charitable IRA Inititive website.

Have a great summer!

Lindsay L. Lapole
Lead Co-Chair