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ACGA Research

SurveyShort Survey on “Dry” Gift Annuities the First of its Kind

In January 2016, ACGA will invite charitable organizations issuing gift annuities to participate in a short survey on annuities that have exhausted the original principal (annuities that have “run dry”).  The survey will collect national data on the number, value, and percentage of “dry” annuity accounts, and will gather best practices for managing these accounts.  It is the first national survey on this important topic.

The Research Committee tested the survey by asking selected members of the ACGA Board to use their organization’s data to complete the online questionnaire, with the understanding that the sources of the data will never be identified publicly.  The initial results are quite interesting.  We believe the survey will provide useful and timely information for people involved with managing the risks of a gift annuity program.

New Series of ACGA Eblasts Features Expert Analysis

Earlier this month ACGA released the first in a series of eblasts highlighting and commenting on selected findings from the 2013 Gift Annuity Survey Report.  Board members David Ely and David Libengood provided comments on gift annuity reserve asset allocation.  Soon to come is an eblast featuring Edie Matulka and Kristin Schultz Jaarda on state regulation of gift annuities. 

Future eblasts will include topics such as the average amount remaining from gift annuities to support a charity’s mission (the residuum); the changing demographics of gift annuitants; the types of gift annuity contracts donors are using, and how much is being given through each type of gift.