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ACGA Endowment Campaign - Securing the Future

ACGAEndowFriends and associates of ACGA are forging ahead to assure a robust future for the use of charitable gift annuities in support of nonprofit organizations, donors, and beneficiaries alike. The building blocks of research and education undergird all ACGA activities and are the expressed purpose for two endowment funds: the ACGA General Endowment and the Terry L. Simmons Philanthropic Endowment Fund which provides scholarships for new and aspiring gift planners to ACGA’s biennial conference. We are thankful for the early donors who have helped with a successful launch of this ambitious program.

The ACGA Board of Directors has set a high standard with 100% participation through gifts and pledges to the endowment campaign. Members, friends, and beneficiaries of ACGA are encouraged to join us in securing the future through this important program. The Simmons Endowment Fund is gaining momentum toward its goal of $150,000. In excess of $105,000 has been given or pledged to this effort in honor of Terry L. Simmons, author of the Philanthropy Protection Act of 1995. Similarly, the ACGA General Endowment is gaining traction as the grassroots effort gets underway. This endowment will help secure the future research and mission of ACGA.

We solicit your thoughtful and generous participation in the campaign.  Your help is critical to the success of this valuable philanthropic initiative. Please browse our website for information about ACGA’s history, programs and services, and to discover how you can participate. 

Dan Garrett
Endowment Campaign Chair