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ACGA Adds New Resources for Organizations

Here are five downloadable presentations available now:

  • Symposium I - Trends in Planned Giving, Robert Sharpe
  • Symposium II - Is Traditional Planned Giving Like Cursive Writing, Frank Minton
  • State Regulations Panel Discussion, Kristen Schultz Jaarda, Moderator & ACGA State Regulations Committee
  • Rates Luncheon, David Libengood, ACGA Rates Chair
  • Closing Luncheon, Robin Good and His Merry Remaindermen, Conrad Teitell, Cummings & Lockwood

 The ACGA Best Practices power point is a 29 slide, downloadable resource complete with presentation notes and designed to provide sponsors and gift planning professionals with a clear and concise presentation of the foundational CGA program best practices.

Additional resources will be added to this section in the future, so keep checking back!