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ACGA Board of Directors Approves Endowment Campaign

The ACGA Board of Directors has approved the "Value Proposition Endowment Campaign" in an effort to create greater financial vitality and program expansion in the years ahead.  In announcing the action, Board Chair Lindsay Lapole said,

“This effort will be the first time ACGA has gone to the general public and foundation community with a specific solicitation.  The time has come to generate the additional resources necessary to expand the services of ACGA to our sponsors, their donors and the state and federal regulators committed to responsible philanthropy.  I am excited to announce that Dan Garrett, President of the Abilene Christian University Foundation, has agreed to serve as Chair of the Campaign.”

Since its inception in 1927 the ACGA has operated on annual sponsorship fees and revenue from the biennial conference. This revenue has been insufficient to grow services to the philanthropic communities we are privileged to serve. The ACGA board desires to provide more in-depth research and relevant programs that will enhance the various missions of our sponsors, their constituents and donors.

To help provide the desired additional income stream the board has set a campaign goal of $500,000. In addition, the Board will seek to raise $100,000 for the Terry L. Simmons Scholarship Endowment.   The endowment was established in 2008 to honor the significant work of Terry to help bring about a positive resolution to the Texas Lawsuit of 1996.  The fund provides scholarships to new and first time attendees to the ACGA conference.

Also serving on the campaign committee are Rebecca Locke, Executive Director of Gift Planning, American Red Cross and John Pierce, Senior Planned Giving Officer, Concordia College.  In addition, we will seek to recognize certain individuals and their contributions to the charitable community through naming opportunities. ACGA supporters will be invited to join in building an endowment that will serve the philanthropic community including donors and charities into the future.  

In accepting this challenge, Dan shared his personal belief that, "this effort will create a new source of funding that will help bring new and exciting programs and research to the philanthropic community."