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Simmons Endowment Fund


The Terry L. Simmons Philanthropic Endowment Fund will provide scholarships to worthy individuals who would otherwise be unable to attend the Conference on Gift Annuities.


Steps to Complete a Gift Annuity

  • Contact the development director, planned giving office or fundraising office of the charity you wish to support. Perhaps contact a few different charities to see how policies might vary from one charity to another. Types of charities that offer gift annuities include religious organizations, colleges and universities, hospitals and health care organizations, social service agencies, cultural and arts organizations, community foundations, environmental organizations and other non profit organizations. Many large charities also have information about gift annuities on their websites.
  • If you do not have a specific charity in mind, ask for recommendations from friends and family members, or contact an "umbrella" charity or your local community foundation. They can often help you benefit multiple charities or aid you in directing your donation to a specific cause or organization.
  • When you contact the charity of your choice, ask them for a financial illustration showing the amount of payments, how they would be taxed, and the charitable deduction generated by the gift.
  • Discuss the financial illustration with your tax and financial advisors. They can help you make an informed decision, taking into consideration all relevant factors.


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