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Simmons Endowment Fund


The Terry L. Simmons Philanthropic Endowment Fund will provide scholarships to worthy individuals who would otherwise be unable to attend the Conference on Gift Annuities.


Persons Who Might Benefit From a Gift Annuity

Most gift annuity donors are retired, want to increase their cash flow, seek the security of guaranteed payments and would like to save taxes. A charitable gift annuity could be right for people in any of the following circumstances:

  • The interest rates on their CDs and other fixed-income investments have declined, and they would like to increase their cash flow.
  • They own appreciated stock or mutual fund shares and have considered selling some of the shares and reinvesting the proceeds to generate more income, but they don't want to pay tax on the capital gain.
  • They would like to count on fixed payments, which are unaffected by interest rates and stock prices and which they cannot outlive.
  • They want to assure continuation of payments to a surviving spouse without the delay of probate proceedings.
  • They would like to provide financial assistance to an elderly parent, a sibling, or other person in a tax-advantaged manner.


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