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Simmons Endowment Fund


The Terry L. Simmons Philanthropic Endowment Fund will provide scholarships to worthy individuals who would otherwise be unable to attend the Conference on Gift Annuities.


About ACGA

The American Council on Gift Annuities (ACGA) is a qualified nonprofit organization formed in 1927 as the Committee on Gift Annuities for the purpose of providing educational and other services to American charities regarding gift annuities and other forms of planned gifts. It was incorporated (as) a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 1993.

One of the primary activities of the Council is the publication of suggested charitable gift annuity rates for use by charities and their donors. The Council retains the services of an actuarial firm to advise and consult on matters pertaining to life expectancies and related matters. The Council has a long and distinguished record in this area, and its suggested rates have long been recognized, not only by charities and donors, but also by state insurance departments and the IRS as being actuarially sound and in the best interests of all parties involved.

The Council’s volunteer board of directors is comprised of professionals active in the field of planned giving with some of America’s most well-respected charities. These individuals give unselfishly of their time and energy to assist others in their gift annuity programs.

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